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Rare Photos of MCKS

Thanks to Amma Charlotte for sharing the pics

Monday, September 21, 2009


Our Guru & Gurupatni.
Thanks to our Gurupatni Charlotte Anderson for sharing the pictures.
posted on 18/12/2009.

Thanks to Instituto Pranaterpia - Brasil for sharing the above 3 pictures.
Posted on 26/11/09.

With the Beloved in Hamburg ...
Joyful together with street musicians &
His first German organizer ... the Buddhist Monk Eiko ...

So HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! (& a lot younger!!!)

So in Love

Thanks to Amma " Charlotte Anderson" for sharing the above pictures
posted on 12/11/2209

First 3 pictures were taken during MASTER`s visit to Varansi in 2006.
Thanks to Er. Anand Jaiswal, Healer and Trainer PHF-UP for sharing the Pics.
Visit GMCKS memories art-gallery in Varanasi,India to view rare pics of Master.

Posted on 16.10.09

This is a very rare photograph of Master. It was part of a series of photos taken for the back cover of the first edition of the Advanced Pranic Healing Book in 1991. The photo was taken by Ricky Francisco at Master`s residence in Quezon City, Philippines.

Thanks to Ricky Francisco for sending us this photograph.

Posted on 30.09.09

We will post more pictures of MCKS very soon.

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